L. Mitchell Vandiver, III

L. Mitchell Vandiver, III

Photo of L. Mitchell VandiverL. Mitchell Vandiver, III, became president of Strategies, Inc., in 2003 following a diverse career in banking. Mitch’s measurable successes include market development, increasing productivity and profitability, product development, sales management, pricing strategies, strategic leadership, personnel development, and applied skills in business and operations. He leverages this vast experience and numerous talents to help entrepreneurs and family businesses control their futures and overcome hurdles through organizational assessments, advisory board development, strategic planning, executive compensation design, purpose-driven retreats, organizational effectiveness and redesign, and executive coaching.

Combined with his extensive background in finance, Mitch’s experience grounds him as a key player and leader in the development of advisory boards for client companies. Additionally, his background enables him to contribute strong counsel for clients, in concert with the firm’s strategic partners. Mitch’s direct work with developing, launching and marketing new products as well as rewiring programs and tools for boosting revenue and profitability enable him to dispense practical, insightful and provocative advice on multiple levels.

At Strategies, Mitch’s role as president is both strategic and tactical, focusing on business development, project and relationship management of client companies and strategic partners, and overseeing the organization’s fiscal health. With a reputation for creative problem-solving and keen instincts in charting a direction for change management, Mitch steers the future course for Strategies.

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